Zettek company

Manufacturer of high-quality hygiene products

Service quality in the customer business process optimization systems, quick response to customers’ requests based on their requirements

Supply quality: the products are always available, shipments and no delays

Quality control, integrity of production processes and producibility

Product quality that meets the highest international standards.

Social responsibility

Every day, our team works effectively to create our Customers’ favorite products that protect people’s health and bring comfort. This is our social responsibility.

It’s really easy: just make a beautiful quality product that you, yourself and your family would like to use!
This is really important to us!

Sustainability of the company

For over 20 years, our company has been providing the Russian market with high-quality hygiene products, including wet wipes, we are growing with our customers and expanding our products' range with new product categories.

Our company is a pioneer of wet wipes on the Russian market! The pricing models, the products segmentation, the new formats and purposes of use are developed and the bases for the formation of russian market wet wipes.

The main goal of our work is to meet the needs and expectations of consumers based on ensuring high quality products. This is the only way that allows us earning the trust of our customers for many years.

Today ZETTEK is the leading manufacturer of wet wipes, wet toilet tissues and non-woven towels in rolls under private labels for the largest players (mainly retailers).

The company works with all possible types of materials and packaging formats (soft packaging, tubes, sachets).


of wipes in Russia


domestic manufacturer of wipes and hygiene products in Russia


wet wipes manufacturer in Russia
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